Content: 800 grams

PROTEIN SUPERSHAKE VEGETAL has been designed by a group of experts as a special protein supplement for athletes, bodybuilders and athletes. It is the ideal alternative that provides a complete profile of essential amino acids that your body requires to increase, maintain and tone your muscles; with a concentration of 25 g of protein per dose.

Its essential and non-essential branched-chain amino acids present in large quantities have an important effect in reducing muscle breakdown after workouts. The International Society for Sports Nutrition has shown that pea protein increases muscle thickness as potently as dairy proteins due to its high amount of Arginine; Likewise, it contains a good contribution of Leucine, Isoleucine and Lysine that intervenes in the processes of muscle growth and repair; And a high content of Methionine that strengthens muscle tissues and contributes to the elimination of fats.

PROTEIN SUPERSHAKE VEGETAL is a creamy textured shake with a delicious French vanilla flavor that you will enjoy drinking alone, in shakes or nutritional pre and post workout meals accompanied by fruits or foods of your choice. It is hypoallergenic or allergy-free, does not contain gluten, or dairy products, low in calories and carbohydrates. It is easily digestible and does not cause bloating.

The high amount of pea protein for the number of peptides it contains delays the emptying of the stomach and the secretion of ghrelin "hunger hormone" so it helps you feel full for longer.
Pea protein contributes to the overall health of the human being, being attributed in scientific research: benefits to the heart, reduction of the risk of kidney disease and regulation of blood sugar levels.

Easy to Prepare

  • Add in water ( 200 ml)/add 2 Tbsp.
  • Add in Juices and smoothies/ add 2 Tbsp.

* Take before and after training preferably to enhance the increase in muscle mass.